1996 Bartolomeo

1996 Bartolomeo
Bartolomeo Super Tuscan IGT

The Sangiovese, from the Latin "Sangius jovis", is the predominant grape-variety in this wine and the calm, elegant characteristics of the Merlot give this Luxury Wine ample olfactory complexity and greater strength to both body and flavour. The colour si deep ruby red, tending to garnet with age. With a  dry, full and smooth flavor, rich with personality and well structured, complete and elegant, with an evidently aristocratic character; hints of wood can be perceived amidst the typical herbaceous notes.  

The prime quality and structure of this Fine Wine demand excellent first courses and risottos with sauces made from wild boar and hare, tasty red meat dishes such as roast ame, vegetable soufflé and spicy mature cheeses.

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Qty   1 x 750ML

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