Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Our gift vouchers are available in two different types: you can choose between the vouchers to be printed and the vouchers to be sent by mail directly to the recipients of the gift. Let your recipient choose from thousands of wines and must-have accessories with a Gift Card.

No need to choose between a physical gift card and an e-gift card. We have you covered for both! We'll email you – or your recipient - all the information to use the gift card immediately. Our email allows for a fast and special gift even last minute! We’ll include the dollar amount, your personal message, and the gift card number.

We'll also mail a physical gift card inside a beautiful greeting card to make a gifting impression (allow 10-15 days for delivery). Different cuts, for all budgets: from the € 50 ideal for small thoughts, to € 500 vouchers for the most important gifts, such as wedding gifts, to be done alone or in a group.

Those who receive the shopping voucher have access to an immense catalog of products that are always available: from Rarity italian wines to red and white wine for all day and biodinamic olive oil and balsamic vinegard.

Discover all the vouchers: the best way to buy gifts online!

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€ 500 - Gift Certificate

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