Oil and Wine Gift Case

Oil & Wine Gift Case
Tuscan red and white wines and extra virgin olive oil, 3 bottles gift case + wooden box.

Tuscan red and white wines and extra virgin olive oil, 3 bottles gift case + wooden box.


Vernaccia Poggio ai Cieli 2018 - Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a grape variety which was first cultivated on the hills of San Gimignano in clay schist soils dating back to the Pliocene era. It was the first grape variety to be awarded, in 1966, the Denomination of Controlled Origin and in 1993, the D.O.C.G. Straw yellow color tending to golden with age. Fine, penetrating, fresh, fruity bouquet and a delicate, fruity flavour with a characteristic bitterish aftertaste.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This quality extra virgin made from handpicked olives grown on select Italian estates specifically chosen for their rich soil, the age of their trees and the quality of their harvest. Well-suited for everyday culinary applications such as drizzling, sautéing and frying. The olives are harvested during the middle of the harvest season, resulting in a mild taste profile, with soft green nose, notes of almond and a momentary peppery finish.


Chianti Crete Rosse 2018 - Chianti is a wine with ancient origins, but it was only in Medieval times that Chianti Wine began to be identified. Chianti wine is mentioned by a trader, Francesco Datino of Prato (1383-1410), in his mercantile letters. It's characterized by a bright red color tending to garnet with age. His bouquet is intense and fruity and its flavour is austere, full-bodied, tasty and slightly tannic, refining to smooth and velvety with time.This wine goes well with roast game, red meat and spicy cheeses, pasta and risotto with meat sauce.


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Questo pacchetto è organizzato in collaborazione con Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524