Gourmet Case - Oil & Vinegar

Gourmet Case - Oil & Vinegar
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

This tasty offer is designed to make your meal special with high quality Tuscan oils! Be creative giving life to your dishes and make them special with a whole set of oils and balsamic vinegard.


Extravirgin olive oil 1lt - This quality extra virgin made from handpicked olives grown on select Italian estates specifically chosen for their rich soil, the age of their trees and the quality of their harvest. Well-suited for everyday culinary applications such as drizzling, sautéing and frying. The olives are harvested during the middle of the harvest season, resulting in a mild taste profile, with soft green nose, notes of almond and a momentary peppery finish.


Balsamic Vinegar Gold Riserva 250ml - The nose of this medium-thick condimento balsamic vinegar opens both sweet and tart, with notes of molasses and hints of fruit. Sweet and fruity on the tip of the tongue, a pleasant amount of acid creates an interplay of sweet and sour on the mid-palate that is a sheer pleasure. This delicious condimento leaves one with the impression that the balance of sweet and sour leans slightly to the sweet.


Pepper flavored extravirgin olive oil 250ml - When our best extra-virgin olive oil falls in love with natural pepper grains the result is a very tasteful love story! After having left them soak together for more than a month we gain an exceptionally-flavored olive oil, with an aroma and taste that can give your recipes a special spicy touch. This product is especially suitable for flavoring sauces, rice, pasta, salad, steamed vegetables, cream, meat, fish, pizza, seafood, carpaccio, or even just to enjoy on a piece of bread: spice up your grilled seafood with a bit of a twist; incorporate it into your meat and vegetables; put a few drops of personality on toasted bread; enhance the flavor of your pasta and vegetables.


Truffle flavored extravirgin olive oil 250ml - This precious condiment is made buy a tasteful olive oil and White Truffle Aroma. When you put it on a dish you clearly distinguish the forest and earth notes that generate the rude flavour of the white truffle in contrast with the gentle one of our olives. White Truffle olive oil is great with any mushroom dish, pasta or risotto. Try drizzled over your favourite potato dish to enhance the exquisite flavour of truffles. We suggest you to try it on our Truffle Lasagna (often present in Tenuta Tociano's menus) for the properties of this oil that exalt the flavours of the queen of italian pasta. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020


I was introduced to the family of Torciano products by our cousins who hosted a wine tasting several years ago. EVER since, I've been totally hooked on their products. I love to send gifts to family and friends and often include their olive oils and especially the balsamic vinegar!

K. Mulholland

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Questo pacchetto è organizzato in collaborazione con Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524