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Chardonnay AMERIGO Last 50 Cases
A few bottles of classy Chardonnay

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Bellavini Winery - Amerigo Chardonnay

Certification: Chardonnay

Grapes Varieties: Chardonnay

Alcohol: 11%

Format: 750ml

Type: White Still Wine

Serving Temperature: 16/18 °C

Pairing: Soups, risottos and main courses based on fish

Country: California

Wine Description:

This chardonnay represents the taste of california's most important seaside vineyards regions. This is a tasty wine that combines flavors of fruit vivaci and judgment use of the oak for a great sense of balance and composition. aromas of butter, vanilla and pear prevent aroma of almonds and spices that are well supported.

Gold color with a mature aroma; clean and elegant; sweet with a thorough and subtle structure; refreshing that balances the best fruits of californian regions

Area of Production:

Mendocino County, a county located on the northern border of Sonoma, therefore in Upper California; a land capable of expressing very good wines. In California, Cabernet Sauvignon has developed its characteristic style and reputation, recognizable in the world's market.

Mendocino County has a wide range of viticultural mesoclimates that are influenced by the county's diversity in climatic and geography. The climate can get very warm to hot during the growing season with mean July temperatures during the peak ripening month. The average annual rainfall is mostly consolidated in the winter months. The warm allows this part of the county develop full bodied and very ripe red wines like our Cabernet Sauvignon.


Chardonnay is the world's most famous white-wine grape and also one of the most widely planted. Climate plays a major role in dictating which fruit flavors a Chardonnay will have. Broadly speaking, warm regions such as California,

Fermentation and/or maturation in oak barrels contributes notes of vanilla, smoke and hints of sweet spices such as clove and cinnamon. Mineral descriptors such as chalk, wet stones and crushed seashells also find their way into Chardonnay tasting notes.


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