Tenuta Torciano Estate bottled Red Italian Wine "Love", Tuscany
Vino Rosso d'Italia - makes with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah from Tuscany vineyards ml 750

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Tenuta Torciano "Love" Red Wine

Certification: Vino Rosso d'Italia

Grapes Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah

Alcohol: 11.5%

Format: 750 ml


Type: Red Still Wine

Serving Temperature: 16/18 °C

Pairing: Red meat, soups

Wine Description:

Red from the fine selection of grapes grown in Italy on hilly terrain with heavy clay soils, then assembled with other international varietals. This ruby red wine is fruity and floral with hints of vanilla. It has a balanced flavor, with pleasantly bitter, sincere and soft tannins.

Better served with rich dishes, such as red meats and game, soups and succulent sauces.

Wine Cellar:

Tenuta Torciano Winery is situated in the heart of Tuscany, 35 minutes from Florence and 20 minutes from Siena, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and a succession of unique greenery that features towering cypress trees, long stretches of beautiful vineyards, olive groves, forests of oaks and lovely villages.

When you visit Tenuta Torciano Winery, you will totally immerse yourself in Italian culture, together with a Tuscan family consisting of 13 generations of wine producers. Here you will experience warm hospitality and additional Tuscan traditions handed down from father to son.

Area of Production:

Italy has a rich and diverse wine heritage dating back more than two thousand years. Famous for its bewildering diversity of both grape varieties and wine styles, Italy is also significant for the sheer volume of wine it produces: just over 4 billion liters (around 1.06 billion US gallons) in 2012, from 800,000 hectares (197,700 acres) of vineyards.


Cabernet – Merlot – Syrah blends incorporate some of the world's most popular red wine grape varieties, each of which are grown in almost every wine-producing country on earth. The Cabernet grapes (both Cabernet Sauvignon and, to a lesser extent, Cabernet Franc) are both classic blending partners for Merlot, whether individually or together. They are in fact the core ingredients of the traditional Bordeaux Blend. Less traditional, but increasingly common, particularly in the New World, is to add a component of Syrah, to the mix.

"Love" Collection

Our “LOVE” Collection was created as a way to unite us all. For the Giachi family, it would be impossible to create our Torciano wines without this key ingredient. Making wine is an act of love, requiring commitment, honesty and discipline. To us, it is what life is all about: love of nature, love of wine, love of each other. To love means to be attentive and caring, to show gratitude and respect in your work, and towards others. The wine we make comes from the love in our hearts – and we hope it will reach yours.


Friday, November 20, 2020


This wine is exceptional - as stated above goes with just about everything. Bought 2 bottles the first time and then went in for a case. Looking forward to having it with Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


This red was another very good selection from the "Love" collection. I love a glass of wine with dinner each evening, and this was a great blend, that is smooth on the palette. This would be another wine I would order again in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Perfect everyday wine with just the right amount of complexity, with light tannins and rich flavor. Not too bold, can be paired with a variety of dishes.

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Tenuta Torciano
Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano 53037 San Gimignano (Siena), Tuscany, Italy

Tenuta Torciano
Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano 53037 San Gimignano (Siena), Toscana, Italia

Tenuta Torciano Az. Agricola di Giachi Pierluigi - P.IVA: 00375840527