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Ecologic Oasi & Farm
Life in Tenuta Torciano could be the way of life you've been looking for.



The farm, located centrally on the estate, has grown to be increasingly self sufficient and sustainable.

The farm was created with the intention of cultivating ancient domesticated breeds, considered of great importance by the FAO.

Our emphasis on a farm-to-table philosophy is intended to contribute to a greater awareness of the importance of biodiversity- the ecological relationships between varietals of living species locally.

Our goal is to encourage knowledge of domestic species and their native habitat here in Tuscany, as well as educate the respect for our beautiful natural world.


Our animal family continues to grow, as we welcome chickens, ducks, swans and peacocks for a chance to coexist and walk together in nature outdoors, monitored by our expert staff.

Our passion for greenery and all things living expands to all corners of nature, including the protection of animals and their healthy biological contribution to the surrounding environment.

This beautiful creation unified several species of organisms with the biological intent to create a safeguard of wellbeing that Tenuta Torciano strongly supports with love and dedication.

Horses, Ducks, Peacock and swans


Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in our vineyards surrounded by the rolling Tuscan hills and vineyards that tell stories of pleasant summers and intense autumns. Just think how relaxing a glass of good red wine, such as a Brunello di Montalcino, will be as you become intoxicated by the smell of the fresh air or the joyful atmosphere in our Estate garden. Come and find out!

Deep in our forestry is born a biological oasis built in order to protect species that is otherwise facing extinction: here you will also find new arrivals featuring the fascinating azure peacocks, beautiful and romantic swans, sweet padovane hens, colorful mandarin ducks and even a majestic, real pheasant!

With this small green paradise you will rediscover the fascination of the ornithological world in its preciousness!


The terminology for "pet therapy" is generally synonymous with "sweet therapy" or monitored interactions between man and animal, with the objectives to improve all around physical, cognitive, psychosocial, psychological and emotional behavior.


In fact, at Tenuta Torciano we consider humans and animals to be one family. Often our friendly duck Camillo will come to welcome you at the entrance to our estate. Or, the faithful Dante, our noble basset hound, will offer you his "pawny" compliments and request from you a belly rub. Meanwhile, during the tour of our estate, interact with our graceful steeds from behind a safety fence as our horse tender explains how to socialize with these immense beings. Finally, our hens are constantly laying hot eggs that will make our in-house pasta even more healthy and delicious.


It is the luck of our estate to be located alongside the beautiful river Elsa, wetting the land as a significant contribution to our green oasis and keeping the natural surroundings healthy and vibrant. Thanks to the river, its vitality offers the best place to host friends and also keep up with the welfare of the plants. In short, if you are in search of a unique experience that is healthy, relaxing and enjoyable, we look forward to seeing you here soon at Tenuta Torciano!

An oasis of peace and nature in San Gimignano

Located in the famous and beautiful medieval city of San Gimignano, Tenuta Torciano is at the center of Tuscan history and culture. The estate is surrounded by fantastic views of rolling hills covered in vineyards, olive groves and oak woods as well as the famous towers of San Gimignano that overlook the waterpark of the river Elsa.


Our cellar and restaurant feature a pleasant atmosphere of tranquility accompanied by panoramic views, perfect for a reception with winetasting or any number of fun activities that can be organized on our property.


The newly instituted Oasis Farm boasts self-sufficient and sustainable qualities that encourage a homely and populated aesthetic, located right on the estate.

Our animal family is growing in size as we welcome a variety of unique new members including chickens, ducks and even peacocks! Together with our trained staff, Tenuta Torciano allows guests the opportunity to walk with these magnificent creatures in their native habitat.


Our in-house restaurant incorporates the environment of the winery by cultivating daily the freshest eggs and herbs directly from our gardens, while still respecting the biological cycles and biodynamics of the surrounding wildlife as per Tuscan tradition dating back hundreds of years ago.

Elsa River

Life on our estate is designed to expand both our physical and sensual well-being, thanks to the magical moments you will share with our staff as you search alongside trained dogs to find the hidden truffles in the forest. Hiking to beautiful panoramic views and through flourishing vineyards, guests will enjoy a true immersion in nature in search for truffle.


Our staff will be happy to show you the beautiful neighboring river Elsa, located within our properties.

Our world revolves around the natural magic of the seasons, from which we derive the fruits and scents of the earth, as well as our immense love for animals

Life at Tenuta Torciano is a natural paradise waiting to be discovered. The estate was intentionally designed to invite guests to experience our true lifestyle here in the Tuscan countryside, whether it be learning the intricacies of fine wines or enjoying a casual game of bocci ball in the garden.

Note: This tasting does not include a guided tour of the winery and caves.  If you are interested in the tour, visit the dedicated service Tour in the Vineyard and Winery"

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Tenuta Torciano
Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano 53037 San Gimignano (Siena), Tuscany, Italy

Tenuta Torciano
Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano 53037 San Gimignano (Siena), Toscana, Italia

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