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Go beyond the usual itinerary through extended and personalized trips that will impress you with hundreds of emotions and sensations. Discover the beautiful Tuscan archipelago thanks to the Sea Tour, or discover the beautiful medieval towns through a top-down exploration by helicopter. Spend wonderful wellness days in the cellar while having fun with friends.

Expedition by Nature
Vine Rows, Organic Garden and much more


Tenuta Torciano is ready to offer you a new series of magical and exciting events. New locations within our estate, new availabilities and many exclusive experiences: lunch or dinner among the rows, romantic dinners under the olive trees and wine tasting evenings under the stars.

Take a closer look at the vineyards and their beautiful surroundings. Beautiful, joyful, everlasting perfection, in the vineyard area Flowers, vases, ribbons, sighs, smiles, laughter, toasts, food and wines!.

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Expedition by Air
1 Winery, Many Activities


Embark on a carefully curated private helicopter journey to experience the incredible diversity of Chianti countryside and cities around the tuscany, showcasing the individual geography, culture and beauty of each of their destinations.

This exceptional 8-hours journey showcases the unique traditions and history of Tuscany on a four-stop tour through the San Gimignano and Tenuta Torciano winery.

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Italy's Unesco Treasure
Aperitif & Dining in Historical Tower


Experience historic marvels and heritage from 12 century wonders including the private Torrre Chigi and Useppi Palace in San Gimignano, the old town, exclusive experience with Torciano Flight to Wine.

Magnificent Towers and Medieval Palace around in this historic city in the hearth of Tuscany, located near Florence and Siena.

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Wellness Day
Go beyond usual winery tours


Go beyond usual winery tours; extend and customize your trip, realizing extended voyages that take you from one unique experience to another.

From the visit of the vineyards of Chianti to the truffle hunting forest surrounding Tuscan Hills, Tenuta Torciano seeks ways to make the italian's most remote familiar experiences accessible, through exceptional, individually curated expeditions and adventures.

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Expedition by Sea
Tuscan Arcipelago Expedition in Yacht


San Lorenzo Cruise Expedition is a eight-or-ten-hours adventure through one of the Italian's most exceptional marine areas. Renowed for its biodiversity, Tuscan Arcipelago encompasses over 61,000km^2 of sea and it is the most big European sea parck.

Like the pearls of a necklace, each island is different from the other. Each island preserves the traces of its history, each island is unique, original, with only one feature in common: the beauty of its nature.

And the chain that unites these jewels is the sea, a wam and welcoming sea with its flat calm, but also unpredictable with its storms as only the Mediterranean can be..

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Weddings & Celebrations
Wedding in Winery


Have the wedding of your dreams at our beautiful San Gimignano winery. It's an honor when couples choose to take their wedding vows at Tenuta Torciano.

It is fantastic to celebrate the wedding, in the midst of nature, in the spectacular Chianti Valley, with its rolling hills, the avenues of Cipressi, the vineyards or the romantic wine cellar and a delightful garden to stroll among the fragrant roses.

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Fly to Golf and Wine
Country Wine & Fun


An amazing combination of exclusive resorts and experiences in Tuscany. Travel in style and enjoy an amazing view of Tuscany from above, the vineyards, the olive groves.

The Tuscan territory, modified by the hand of the farmers and entrepreneurs over the centuries, today offers top quality wines, extra virgin olive oils and other top-quality farm products, in demand all over the world.

The winery experience consists of a vertical Wine Tasting of 15 Tuscan products, that will be paired with your lunch served in he winery or vineyards according to availability.

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Ferrari Wine Tour
Speed and Wine!


This is a new experience that we have created for those who love sports cars and Tuscan wine. good Tuscan food.

The tour will have a duration of 90 kilometers through the streets and the most famous villages of Tuscany with a stop in San Gimignano where you can taste prestigious wines and reserves of Tenuta Torciano combining a four-course lunch in a location different from all the others, Lunch in Spiral vineyard.

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This package is organized in collaboration with Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524

Questo pacchetto è organizzato in collaborazione con Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524