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Six-pepper pasta with pumpkin seeds

A California-Italian hot recipe with bell pepper, peperoncino, cayenne pepper and pumpkin seeds

Braised beef in red wine

For lunch today, we have already started since last night to put the tender beef marinated in red wine and spices. Today we made a slow cooking, to make softer the meat and tasty with the Brunello di Montalcino. A recipe to prepare with time and love, to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Potato Tortelli

A typical Italian dish to prepare for the holidays and enjoy with the family.

Pumpkin Gnocchi

Don't miss this autumn recipe with seasonal ingredients.

Pork tenderloins with orange sauce

A typical Sunday dish, to be cooked slowly and flavored with a tasty orange sauce.

Figs salad with prosciutto and mozzarella

We love to cook with fresh ingredients, so what can be better than a salad with figs for this period of the year!

Pag. 1 / 32 (187 record) 1

This package is organized in collaboration with Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524

Questo pacchetto è organizzato in collaborazione con Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524