Great Tuscan Reds Collection
12 Bottles - Mixed Case

€ 357

2019 Pinot Grigio GoldVine
6 Bottles - White Wine

€ 171

The Best Winter Season Wines
12 Bottles - Red Wine

€ 295

Malbech 2019, Truffle Oil, Pepper Oil
3 Bottles - Wine & Oil Flasks

€ 99

6 Bottles - White Wine

€ 166

Flasks Collection
3 Bottles - Evo and Aromatic Oils

€ 97


Meet the Winemaker: Pierluigi Giachi
13th Generation of Wine Making

Pierluigi Giachi is at the same time owner and winemaker of Tenuta Torciano and carries on the centuries-old tradition together with his wife Luciana and their children, Emanuele and Vittoria.

In Tenuta Torciano Winery we are very passionate about the planet, the nature and the land as we are our wines. A lot of plants have been abandoned and no one has taken care of them during the last decades, I couldn’t be indifferent to this huge waste, so I started a long and difficult campaign to recover the areas planted with olive trees.


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