Tagliolini with Truffle

Tagliolini with Truffle

Truffle Tagliolini, I show you today's recipe for truffle tagliolini, needless to tell you that I'm a dainty dish, preparation is absolutely elementary and the result is an absolutely exquisite dish and classy, let's see the recipe for preparing the tagliolini with truffles, of course you can also prepare this dish with other types of pasta such as fettuccine, the noodles, the "maltagliati" etc etc ...


Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • Dried egg Pasta 500 g
  • Butter 100 gr
  • 70 gr Parmesan
  • Truffle
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Preparation: 45 min. 



Let's start, put to boil water for cooking Meanwhile cut the butter into small pieces and grate the parmigiano reggiano; at this point, put in a pan a drizzle of olive oil and butter and melt, now also the grated truffle and keep aside, drain the pasta and pour into the Pan then pour well and add the truffle, mix for a minute turning well and finally add the parmigiano reggiano, stir-fry it and serve, the tagliolini with truffles are ready!!

This package is organized in collaboration with Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524

Questo pacchetto è organizzato in collaborazione con Fly to Wine s.r.l. P.IVA. 01460730524