Special Reserve Wine 1996 Cavaliere

1996 Cavaliere - Rarities
Wooden case with Bottle - 75cl - Luxury Wine

Cavaliere  has reached new heights with the release of its debut 1996 vintage. Created from cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes, it is both rich and fresh. 
Cavaliere – meaning “fly above the clouds” – is named after the remote region high in the tuscany  foothills Granducale, at the northwestern edge of Florence province, where the vines are grown.

"Cavaliere" is an aristocrat Luxury Wine with elegeant and personal flavour. The fruit comes forth in ripe, chewy and slightly sweet waves of intensity with blackberry preserves and cherry compote. The wine shows great density and structure. The tannins are thick and broad in formation.

The prime quality and structure of this Fine Wine demand excellent first courses and risottos or for grilled meats and vegetables.

€ 525.00

Qty   1 x 750ML

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